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    1-millionth stone

    The Minnesota Urolith Center is celebrating the analysis of its 1-millionth urinary stone. With support from Hill's Pet Nutrition, the Urolith Center is able to provide a urolith-analysis service to veterinarians around the world.

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  • CVM2 - image - 910x370 - babe and twin foals check up

    Babe and her twin foals getting the support they need

    After giving birth to twin foals, the mare developed a neurological disease of the nervous system that resulted in her inability to stand.

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  • CVM2 News - Image - Canine Influenza

    Canine influenza

    A dog adopted from a St. Paul animal shelter has tested positive for canine flu, which was first confirmed in Minnesota in late May.

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    Avian influenza outbreak

    CVM researchers provide resources and assistance

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  • CVM-Image-VeTouch


    From dog food to distemper shots, philanthropy lends a helping paw to VeTouch, a student program that provides free basic care for the four-legged family members of low-income residents of the Twin Cities.

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  • CVM image Buddy

    Buddy the beagle

    Stem-cell therapy at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center helped Buddy walk − and run − again.

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CVM2 News - Image - Global-Workforce
College leads international partnership to strengthen global workforce

Under a five-year award of up to $50 million, the University of Minnesota and Tufts University are part of an international partnership of universities working to strengthen global workforce development against emerging pandemic threats. Called One Health Workforce, the work is part of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Emerging Pandemic Threats 2 program, focusing on disease surveillance, training, and outbreak response.

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